Available always, we are now offering Bulk quantities of live silkworms.

Every order is supplied with a care guide and instructions to raise them through their life cycle.

The silkworms offered here have been raised to perfection in our hygienic facility, with optimum incubation giving them the strongest immunity possible. Fed on 100% mulberry diet and have gone through their first instar (around 1 week old) and so are ready to be either fed to small reptiles, toadlets, birds etc, or can be fed and raised to any size up to moth! These miracle feeders are a great livefood to maintain as a feeder colony, and one of the few livefoods that are a suitable staple diet for most reptiles (although we strongly believe variation in any pets diet is essential).

1000 Micro Silkworms

£28.99 available on subscription

2000 Micro Silkworms

£38.99 available on subscription
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