Earn up to 1 Point.

Dubia Roaches

Earn up to 3 Points.

Silent Brown Crickets
XL Pachnoda / Fruit Beetle Grubs

Earn up to 1 Point.

Fruit Flies
Bean Weevil Culture
Livefood Subscription Freebies
Calci Worms

Earn up to 1 Point.

Morio Worms

Earn up to 1 Point.

Livefood Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply enter NEWSUB into the coupon section of the checkout to receive a 10% discount on your first order!

We are offering 2 free gifts every month with your Livefood Subscription, a pair of feeding tongs for easy feeding of your livefood to your pets (add them in the product list above) and one of the selection of 3 sachets we have available in the product list above under the section ‘Livefood Subscription Freebies).

To redeem your free gifts, when building your order you will find the ‘Freebies’ item where you can add your choice of free gifts to the basket, you’ll receive these once per month along with your free, sterile wrapped feeding tongs!

All livefood subscriptions renew on Monday and that is when the orders will be automatically charged for. All livefood subscriptions are then shipped on Tuesdays (If you would like to change the payment date of your order, you can do this in the ‘Livefood Subscription’ page in your account.
•Credit/Debit Card Payments
If you pay via credit/debit card (Stripe payment system, just like Paypal and just as safe) the payment will be automatically taken each week/fortnight/month (depending on what you have chosen in your order) until you choose to make any changes. This can be managed in the ‘my account’ section of our website under ‘Livefood Subscription’.
•Paypal Payments
If you pay via Paypal, the payment will be automatically taken each week/fortnight/month (depending on what you have chosen in your order) until you choose to make any changes to your account. The payment is called a reference transaction with PayPal and can be managed in the ‘my account’ section of our website under ‘Livefood Subscription’.

With our livefood subscriptions you are under no contract and can cancel any time, so you have peace of mind that if for any reason you no longer wish to continue with your Livefood Subscription,  just go to your ‘Livefood Subscription’ section of the account dashboard and you can cancel there as well as manage and amend many aspects of your order as you wish.

You can also pause your Livefood Subscription if you are unable to pay one month or don’t require deliveries for a month or so, just go to the subscriptions section in your account and pause your subscription there.

Absolutely! You can order some livefood to order once per week and others to arrive, fortnightly or maybe monthly. Whatever works best for you.

Just choose the shipping frequency (i.e every week, 2 weeks or month, when adding items to your cart).

When you place your order, Livefood Subscription items will not be charged for.

We take payment for subscriptions on Mondays so if you place an order on any other day of the week, it will process the order at £0 and your first order will be charged on the coming Monday.

Livefood Subscriptions are charged on Mondays, you can however choose to have your order shipped/charged on whichever day you like, if you need any assistance with this, please dont hesitate to contact us!

Livefood subscription orders are dispatched on Tuesdays, and unless a different shipping method is selected, will arrive within 48 hours, though parcels generally arrive the following day.

You will receive a dispatch confirmation email when your order is dispatched each time too.

No problem! When you place your Livefood Subscription order, simply put a note on the order at the checkout for any specific requirements you have and we will take care of that for you.

Its very simple to skip a shipment if you need to, just access your subscription from the ‘my account’ dashboard and when viewing your subscriptions simply choose to ‘skip next delivery’ and your next order wont be sent, or charged for.

If you have any questions at all, please drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help!