When you silkworm eggs arrive, store them at a temperature between 75-82F they will hatch in around 7-14 days. Upon arrival they will be a dark purple colour but a day or two before they hatch they will turn a light blue/grey colour.
Allow all eggs to hatch before you offer any Silkworm food to them, this usually takes around 24-48 hours. Once all the eggs have hatched you will be able to see mostly white egg shells if you look at the petri dish from underneath, at this point offer a small amount of our silkworm chow over the top of the silkworms using a piping bag or slice a small amount of chow and place it next to them. The silkworms will climb on top of the food, 24 hrs from this point empty the entire contents of the petri dish in to another larger plastic tub by simply tapping it upside down into the other tub, preferably with a fine mesh bottom to allow silkworm droppings to pass through it. Continue to feed the silkworms daily, it’s important that you allow the food from the day before to dry out before you feed again.
You will see a rapid growth rate, after 1 week follow our silkworm care article. If you need any advice that is not mentioned here please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!